The Resort Safety Guide

To ensure that you have an enjoyable and safe holiday it is important that you read and familiarise yourself with the following safety advice. Whilst we make every effort to ensure the safety of our guests, please remember that you remain responsible for the safety of yourself and others within your party, especially children.

When you arrive in your lodge/apartment, please make yourself familiar with all exit routes in case of an emergency.



  • In an Emergency, please dial 999 from your mobile giving the resort name, postcode and your lodge number. The Cameron House postcode is G83 8QZ and the Cameron Club postcode is G83 8RE.
  • After you have called the emergency services, please inform Owner & Guest Services on 01389 727681 or 01389 722508 after 8:00pm. This will assist us and prevent any delay to the emergency services entering the resort.
  • Should you require medical services the number for NHS 24 is 111.


If you lose any medication whilst on the resort, please contact Owner & Guest Services on 01389 727681 or ext. 7421. This will allow us to assist in locating the lost medication.


Upon arrival, please familiarise yourself with emergency procedures for dealing with fire. Notices are present in all lodges and apartments. Please make sure that you and your whole family are aware of the escape routes.

Smoke detectors are provided for your safety and must not be disabled. Please report to Owner & Guest Services if the detector is faulty.

If you discover a fire:

  • Raise the alarm and phone 999.
  • If safe to do so tackle the fire with the extinguisher provided. Do not put yourself at risk.
  • Evacuate the property.
  • Do not stop to collect belongings.
  • If you are able to do so, contact Owner & Guest Services on 01389 727681 or ext. 7421 or 01389 722508 after 8:00pm.
  • Do not return to the building unless authorised to do so.


Staff in all public buildings receive regular training in fire evacuation and will supervise any evacuation should the fire alarm sound. Designated assembly areas are also provided outside all buildings.

Rest assured if you are separated from other members of your party at the time of the alarm, they will have been evacuated to an alternative location. We will do our best to reunite you as soon as possible. We advise parties that have been separated to have an agreed rendezvous point, for example, to return to your lodge.

Children’s play areas in particular receive immediate attention when a fire alarm sounds and the evacuation and assembly points are closely supervised.

Parents separated from their children should make their way to the assembly point assigned to the children’s play area as soon as it is safe to do so. Alternatively, in the case of a false alarm, please return to the play area to collect your child.


All lodges and apartments receive regular safety inspections by appropriately qualified engineers to ensure that the electrical installations and electrical appliances are in working order. Should you have any concerns regarding the safety of any item of equipment please contact Owner & Guest Services on 01389 727681 or ext. 7421.


Child gates are fitted as standard in all two-storey lodges. They are checked regularly to ensure that they are in good working order. Should you have any concerns please call Owner & Guest Services immediately on 01389 727681 or ext. 7421. You may use your own child safety equipment such as gates and cupboard locks so long as they do not mark or damage the structure of the accommodation.


Should any of your party require access to clinical waste disposal facilities, please contact Owner & Guest Services on 01389 727681 or ext. 7421 who will arrange to supply the appropriate bag or sharps bin. Please do not dispose of clinical waste in the normal refuse. As a commercial enterprise, Cameron Lodges is not permitted to dispose of clinical waste with normal waste.


Just as you would in your own home, please exercise care to prevent kitchen mishaps. Instructions for operating the electrical appliances in your lodge/apartment can be found here. Please take care to follow these at all times.

  • Please keep young children out of the kitchen.
  • Please take care when filling the electrical kettle and ensure that it is disconnected from the electrical supply when you do so.
  • Please be aware that oven doors can become extremely hot.


For your safety, our staff patrol from time to time, but it is impractical to guarantee the security of your lodge or apartment. Your personal belongings are your responsibility during your stay. Do not leave them unattended on unsecured.

  • Always lock your car, accommodation or cycles with all valuables removed.
  • Close and secure all doors and windows.
  • If you lose your lodge or apartment keys, please contact Owner & Guest Services immediately on 01389 727681 or ext. 7421.
  • We recommend that all bicycles are locked when not in use.


The electricity tariff that is in operation at Cameron House and The Cameron Club is a commercial tariff and therefore higher than that which you have at home. Electricity is metered and you will be charged for the electricity units that you use, together with a daily standing charge that is implemented by the electricity company. Owners also contribute to the shared electricity charge. For current electricity costs please click here. To keep your electricity costs down, we advise the following;

  • Turn off all heaters and lighting in rooms that are not in use.
  • Switch off all front door and balcony lights when not required.
  • Do not over fill kettles, heat only the amount of water that you require.
  • Tumble Dryers use a considerable amount of electricity, please be aware of this.


You may not bring fireworks, including sparklers, shotguns, air weapons, archery equipment, illegal substances or similar items onto the resort, under any circumstances.


  • Keep to the speed limit.
  • A strict 10mph limit is imposed on all resort roadways.
  • Please be aware of pedestrians and cyclists, especially young children.
  • Take care when parking your vehicle. Always use designated areas and remember you have two car parking spaces per lodge. Please do not park in adjacent lodge parking spaces.
  • Sleepers, boulders, logs and posts are placed throughout the resort to prevent roadside damage and parking in inappropriate areas. No liability is accepted for damage caused by these markers.
  • Motorised scooters are treated as vehicles and as such must obey all vehicle restrictions.


  • Whilst every reasonable effort is made to maintain pathways, please be aware that these can become weathered. Do not step on roadside logs as these are very slippery when wet. Wear appropriate footwear at all times while walking around the resort.
  • The lighting levels around the resort have been designed not to compromise the rural environment and comply with National Park planning regulations. A torch is provided in your lodge and may be useful in the evenings.
  • Whilst we make every effort to maintain the external lighting, you may be the first person to discover a light failure. If so, please contact Owner & Guest Services on 01389 727681 or ext. 7421. Please do not walk on frozen lochs, ponds or waterways.


  • During winter months, paths and roads around the resort can be extremely icy and slippery. The grounds department will monitor this and regularly salt all lodge and apartment paths and roads but please be extra vigilant to help avoid slips and falls.


Ticks are tiny, spider like creatures found naturally in grass and woodland areas throughout Britain.  Lyme Disease is an illness caused by the ‘bite’ from an infected tick. Not all ticks carry the disease and the UK is a low risk country for this infection. If you are walking in grassy or woodland areas, you can take some simple precautions.

  • Keep yourself covered up.
  • Keep any shirt or t-shirt tucked in.
  • Wear long sleeves.
  • Tuck trousers into your socks, if possible.
  • Wear shoes or training shoes rather than sandals.

The use of repellant containing DEET will help deter ticks and they are easier to see on light coloured clothes. Check yourself and your children for ticks after every outing. In the unlikely event that you find a tick on your skin and are unsure how to remove it safely, please contact NHS24 or a local pharmacy.   Please contact your GP as soon as possible if you have returned home. Symptoms of Lyme Disease usually start between one week and one month after the tick has attached itself to the skin and begins with a rash around the infection site. This may be accompanied by flu-like symptoms. The illness can be treated with antibiotics and a full recovery is normal.


Please be cautious when approaching animals or birds as they may bite. Please do not feed the squirrels, geese or pheasants. Do not touch any mushrooms, toadstools or berries, as they may be poisonous.


Snakes, including Adders, are amongst the varied wildlife to be found on the resort. Adders are poisonous but will only bite when disturbed. Do not under any circumstances approach them. Contact Owner & Guest Services on 01389 727681 or ext. 7421 and they will arrange to have the snake removed and released in a safer area of the resort. If a snake bites you, obtain First Aid immediately. All snakes are legally protected and cannot be harmed.