Frequently Asked Questions about Timeshare Ownership


What is Timeshare Ownership?

Timeshare Ownership is a way of buying a holiday home for specific week(s) of the year that you select. The week or weeks you purchase are yours to enjoy, rent out, lend to friends or leave to your heirs*. In other words, you have a holiday home at a fraction of the cost of an outright purchase.


What do I get for my money?

With Timeshare Ownership, you can afford the very best: a superb luxury home, set in a glorious location and surrounded by amenities and leisure** opportunities.  Such a fabulous property would cost hundreds of thousands of pounds to buy outright – but by sharing ownership you can enjoy it at specified times chosen by you, for a fraction of the price.


Who mows the grass and changes the light bulbs?

A holiday home can be a substantial administrative burden. You need to arrange for gardening work, routine maintenance, cleaning and remember to stock up on essentials such as washing up liquid.  There is also security to consider. With Cameron House Lodges Ltd (CHLL), all that is taken care of, in return for an annual maintenance fee, all you have to do is turn up and enjoy yourself.


Can I trade in my week for a holiday abroad?

Cameron House Lodges Ltd (CHLL) is affiliated with RCI, one of the world’s leading exchange organisations, giving you access to more than 2,000 other resorts around the world.


Can I rent out my lodge?

Your holiday week(s) are yours to rent out or lend to friends and family. Cameron House Lodges Ltd (CHLL) also offers a letting service to owners where, for a fee, the administrative burden of renting your lodge is taken care of by Cameron House Lodges Ltd (CHLL).


Will I have to pay for leisure** activities?

You and your guests can enjoy the pool and the leisure** club free of charge throughout your stay, subject to availability. Other activities such as golf, use of the spa facilities or archery lessons usually carry a charge and or prior booking.


How do I pay for meals and drinks?

You won’t need to carry cash around the resort as restaurant meals, snacks and drinks can all be charged to your account. You will be asked to settle your bill when you return your lodge keys at the end of your stay.


How is the cleaning organised?

At the end of each visit, a team of cleaners spend several hours cleaning the lodges from top to bottom ready for the next occupants. Essential items such as soap, bin liners and dishwasher powder are topped up, and all towels and linen are replaced.  If you stay for a fortnight, the weekly clean will be arranged at a time that suits you. The cost of cleaning is covered by your annual maintenance fee.


What about the phone?

Telephone line rental is included in the annual maintenance fee.  Any calls you make during your stay will be charged to your account and paid for at the end of your stay.


Is electricity included?

Electricity for heating and other uses are metered and paid for at the end of your stay in accordance with the amount used by you during your stay.


What is the Owners Club?

The Owners’ Club is your key to secure ownership and control.  A committee made up of owners and nominees of the Management Company runs it.  Ownership of the lodges is held in trust for the benefit of the Owners’ Club.  When you buy a Timeshare Ownership week, you become a member of the club and receive a Holiday Certificate for each week you have purchased.


Exactly what is covered by the maintenance charge?

The Cameron House Lodges Ltd (CHLL) maintenance charge adds value to your Timeshare Ownership.  It covers matters such as keeping the property well maintained, as well as certain day-to-day costs of your stay.  This includes weekly cleaning and change of linen; painting and decorating as and when this is necessary; repairing and replacing furniture, crockery and equipment as and when this is necessary; upkeep of the roads and grounds; insurance of the lodge; and services such as rubbish collection and TV licence. The amount you pay is made up of actual costs, plus a fee to the Management Company.


Does the purchase price vary?

The purchase price depends on the size of your lodge and the time of year you wish to stay.  Whilst the peak season is more expensive, low seasons can be an excellent choice as the resorts offer year-round sporting and leisure** facilities, subject to change and availability.


Will I have to pay legal costs?

You will be asked to pay a small standard charge for each Holiday Certificate.  As with any property purchase, you should also consult your own solicitor.


Is there a cooling off period?

Yes, you have fourteen days to consider your purchase once your contract has been signed. No payment will be due until after your cooling off period. If you change your mind within fourteen days, just tell Cameron House Lodges Ltd (CHLL) in writing and your purchase will be cancelled.


What happens if I want to sell?

You are free to sell your timeshare ownership week(s) as you would any other property. Cameron House Lodges Ltd (CHLL) can also undertake to sell your week(s) on your behalf in return for a fee for preparing the paperwork and associated administrative expenses.


Do you allow pets in the lodges?

No, we do not allow any pets or animals in the lodges. We reserve the right to apply a cleaning fee of £1,000 to any guest found to have a dog in their lodge. Please note that guide dogs are the only exception to this rule.


* Subject to terms and conditions and variations in lease periods; please check with the sales team.

**The Leisure Club within Cameron House Hotel and its facilities will be closed until April 2021. Following the most recent Scottish Government guidance, we look forward to reopening the Cameron Spa, Swimming Pool and Gym from Thursday 1st October.

Any contracts entered into on or after 23rd February 2011 in relation to Timeshare Ownership will be subject to provisions of the Timeshare, Holiday Products, Resale and Exchange Contracts Regulations 2010.  These regulations require Cameron House Lodges Ltd (CHLL) to provide you with certain key information in relation to proposed Timeshare Ownership purchase, resale or exchange contracts.  If you are offered, or enquire about, a Timeshare ownership of this type then a Standard Information Form which contains this key information will be provided to you.