Favourite Photographs of Loch Lomond

Our Favourite Photographs of Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond is not only our home, our sanctuary and our haven, it is also home to some of the most beautiful scenery to ever exist in Scotland. As you wander through the bonnie banks you will be rewarded with views that are sure to take your breath away. Seasonality does not hinder the beauty of Loch Lomond as the landscapes adapt to the ever-changing weather, creating unique seasonal scenes that keep even the most discerning photographer on their toes!

So what better way to celebrate the natural landscapes of Loch Lomond than teaming up with a few of our favourite social media influencers to show you some of their favourite photographs of Loch Lomond?

Warning: the following post may fuel wanderlust.

1. Brodie Duncan

As ex-Group Picture editor for The Herald and Times Group, Brodie has always loved photography and now that he runs a B&B on the banks of Loch Lomond, he gets to pursue his passion almost every day. He says,

“Loch Lomond boasts the most beautiful views and there is hardly a day that goes by where the landscapes don’t change. Whether I’m walking my dogs or cruising on the loch, I always make sure I have a camera with me, as when I get asked ‘what’s the best camera to have?’, my reply never changes. It’s always ‘the one you have with you!’.”

Here are a couple of Brodie’s favourite photographs of Loch Lomond:

Instagram: @duncan.brodie

2. Alexs Smith

Alexs from A bonnie Travelers Inside Guide is a passionate outdoor travel writer and SUP enthusiast from Glasgow and she’s been kind enough to share two photos with us for this blog, and her reasons for selecting these as two of her favourite ever snaps of Loch Lomond!

SUP near Luss with Inchconnachan Island in the background

“I love spending time outdoors for the sense of adventure and to enjoy the fresh air, working at a desk all week really leaves me craving it. I love being up mountains, but there’s something about being in the water that makes me feel totally relaxed. The freedom and mildly meditative ‘blue mind’ state leaves me with a sense of general happiness and satisfaction with life in one moment. It’s such a great way to disconnect and clear your head.”

Ben Lomond, Loch Lomond 

“I feel so lucky to live in Scotland and with the Trossachs only an hour outside of Glasgow, I usually head there for a day on the hills. Ben Lomond is my absolute favourite to climb, the views are truly breath taking. Hill walking is such a great way to blow away the cobwebs (the Scottish wind will certainly blow you sideways). After a long day of hiking, I usually find my itching restlessness is gone and I’m feeling content and pretty chilled.”

Instagram: @abonnietravelersinsideguide

3. Ashley Glen

Ashley is a mum and Personal Trainer, passionate about outdoor travel and adventure, blogging over at The Explore More Mum. Her favourite photograph is this early morning shot of a very still Loch Lomond.

“Loch Lomond is such a unique and special place for me. I was able to reach the area without needing a car and could explore the surroundings on foot and by stand up paddle. For me, the best time to visit is first thing in the morning, where the warm sun begins to evaporate all the moisture, leaving a hazy glaze over the loch. It’s always the most peaceful and you’ll feel you’ve stolen the loch all to yourself.”

Instagram: @theexploremoremum

4. Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson is an experienced photographer, and what you could call the epitome of a proud Scotsman! We love how his favourite picture perfectly captures his one true love. Find out why this is his favourite photo below.

In the words of Robert Burns “And I will love thee still, my dear, Till a’ the sea’s gang dry”

“This is how it feels to be Scottish! I fell in love with this view many years ago climbing here with my Dad. I’ve had this shot in mind for years and eventually was able to get it! Huge thanks to my friend Calum for helping me capture it! Despite his exhaustion, he dragged his tired legs back up another munro!”

At the summit of Ben Vane, situated in the Southern Highlands

Instagram: @paulwilsonsphotography

5. Neil Robertson

Neil is a travelling Scotsman and perpetual adventurer who blogs over at Travels With A Kilt.

According to Neil,

“There’s nothing like an early morning escape from city life and the still tranquillity of the Loch before beginning the ascent of one of Scotland’s favourite hills. Glaswegians should forever be grateful for having such sublime beauty in such close proximity.”

Instagram: travelswithakilt

6. Fariba Stoddart

Fariba is an Instagram influencer who adventures through Scotland. Her favourite photo of Loch Lomond features the ever popular Heilan’ Coo!

Fariba captioned her photo “Coos day almost over…” because every Tuesday is ‘Coos Day’ on social media, where users upload a photograph of a Highland Cow with the hashtag #Coosday. We’re not sure when this unofficial tribute to the humble Heilan’ Coo began but VisitScotland posted about it as far back as 2014! So if you’re looking to join in and snap a shot of a magnificent Highland Cow then why not head to Loch Lomond and get snapping!

Instagram: @berriestragram

If these stunning photos of Loch Lomond have given you’re the travel bug, take a look at our selection of luxury self-catering lodges, cottages and apartments and start planning your next trip to Loch Lomond! Or you can let us know if you have any images to add to the list – tweet us @cameronlodges or leave us a comment on Facebook.

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