Foodbank Donation

Giving Back To The Local Community

Making a difference does not always involve donating money. There are many ways that you can make a difference to those in need and support your local community. In December we decided to participate in West Dunbartonshire Community Foodshare as we believe that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and that everyone deserves to smile during the festive season.

Our local community hold a very special place in our heart as we wouldn’t be here or where we are today without their continual support therefore our decision to participate in the local foodbank was simple, we wanted to show our appreciation to all those around us and give something back. Most of our staff come from the local area and when we heard about all those in need within our community, we couldn’t not offer our support, it wasn’t an obligation, it was our decision to help.  The Foodshare charity provides pivotal services to those less fortunate and assists countless amounts of children and adults in times of grave need. The more we heard about those suffering and in need of help within our local community the more our heart strings pulled, and we decided it was our time to give back and spread love during the festive period. At Cameron Lodges we host a large number of guests who come and go frequently and tend to leave little things behind which would make the world of difference to those children and adults in need. And with the combination of our staff’s generosity we managed to make up a fantastic number of hampers for the foodbank.

The charity we chose to support is one very close to all our hearts at the lodges, and we would like to share a little more about this charity. The West Dunbartonshire Community Foodshare is a Scottish charity set up in 2013, who provide food baskets to the residents of West Dunbartonshire in need of help. Their main objective is to help those affected by poverty within West Dunbartonshire through the provisions of food, signposting local information, advice and support within local communities to raise awareness on social well-being and campaign for policy changes with regards to social justice and poverty.

We participated in the foodbank drive by setting up numerous boxes scattered across the resort at the Cameron and Carrick Estates, which allowed our guests and staff to donate at will. The whole resort got involved, the lodge team, the hotel team and the spa team all contributed to the drive and donated little things that will make the world of difference to those in need within our local community. All donated items were collected in donations boxes located at the lodge reception, the Cameron and Carrick housekeeping sheds, the spa reception and the activity centre. We made sure we put a donation box at every point within the resort to drive as much participation as we could. And at the very end of the food drive every donation box collected had items within them. We are so appreciative of our staff and guests as it showed how much everyone wanted to help and contribute. It was a fantastic way for us to show our support and give something back to our community.

We managed to collect a variety of items that will go a long way for those in need and a few of our donated items included: milk, sugar, pasta and rice, tinned foods, cereals, coffee and tea bags, biscuits, jam, soups, long life fruit juices, toiletries and toys. We were completely overwhelmed by the generosity of our team and guests as all these items filled up our van to the brim. We would definitely like to do something like this again next year to make sure all those within our community have a good Christmas.

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