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We and our guests are lucky enough to have a large number of fantastic tourist attractions around our local area (which you can find more info about on our local attractions page). One of our favourites however, which you’ll find on the list, is the world famous Glengoyne Distillery. With summer fast approaching there is no better time than now to travel to Dumgoyne and enjoy a dram of the most sought after golden nectar!

Open all year round (10am – 5pm Monday to Sunday), the Distillery, which is often considered one of the most beautiful in Scotland, has been involved in producing award winning whisky since 1833. Located in Dumgoyne near Killearn, it’s only a short drive from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling and of course Loch Lomond.

It’s no exaggeration to say that a visit here is a whisky lover’s dream. Whilst sampling one of Scotland’s most famous single malt whiskies you’ll be shown around the facility which includes the ‘Sampling Room’ which has the largest variety of Glengoyne you could ever wish for, the waterfall which was originally used as the source for the distillery, and of course the vats, where the magic happens! You’ll also learn about the traditional methods and ingredients, such as barley, water and yeast that are used to make scotch whisky as well as the six guiding principles which keep Glengoyne true to its past and true to its taste, such as ‘Unpeated’. Did you know they always dry their barley by air? (As opposed to most distilleries who dry it by peat fires).

As well as finding out the secrets of Scotland’s slowest whisky distillation you can discover how to blend your own personalised bottle of whisky and enjoy a refreshment at the Distillery’s very own ‘Slainte Mhath’ Shop.

Glengoyne Tours


To find out all of the above, the Glengoyne Distillery offers a variety of guided tours that take you behind the scenes and give you an amazing insight into the production of their Highland Malt Whisky. These include the Glengoyne Tour, The Wee Tasting tour, The Whisky & Chocolate Tour (a favourite of ours) and for the slightly more serious whisky aficionado, there is the ‘Masterclass’, (Not for the faint hearted) where you even get to create your own single malt! These range in price from £9 up to £150 each and last from 45 minutes up to 5 hours.

During each tour you’ll also get to visit the bonded warehouses, mingle with the highly experienced staff and see the magical process that goes into producing Scotland’s ‘national drink’ up close, as well as enjoy the hospitality of the Club Room where you can sample a taste of the true spirit of the country.

Don’t take our word for it though. Go and find out more about one of Scotland’s most famous single malts, praised by generations of whisky connoisseurs. One of Scotland’s best whisky distillery tours is only one click away.

Glengoyne Distillery
ADDRESS: Dumgoyne, Killearn, Glasgow G63 9LB, United Kingdom
TELEPHONE: 01360 550254

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  1. Darren C says:

    Masterclass done. Ally was brilliant. The tour was awesome. Can not recommend highly enough. A cracking afternoon.

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