Ideas For Fun-Filled School Holiday Activities

The kids might have been on the countdown since Easter half term but for parents, the summer holidays can be a stressful time. Six long weeks of keeping the little ones entertained can seem daunting, especially when you consider how fickle the British weather can be. Making sure they keep active and get plenty of fresh air (a.k.a. tiring them out so they go to bed nice and early) can be tricky, especially when you still have a house to run, chores to do and a task list as long as your arm. But it’s important to take advantage of these precious moments when they’re young. So how can you make special family memories these summer holidays?

We’ve collaborated with some of our favourite mummy bloggers to find out their top summer holiday activities that all the family can get involved in.

Rachel Southern from TheOrdinaryL tells us how she likes to make the most of the great outdoors for a cost-effective day out with the kids:

“With the school summer holidays being quite an expensive affair, it’s good to have a thrifty activity or two up your sleeve to keep your children occupied. One of my favourite things to do is to head out on a countryside walk and collect sticks with my two boys. We then head home and see what we can make with them. We’ve come up with origami mobiles, wall art and even bow and arrows. It’s a great way to get children outdoors and turn something found on the floor in to a cool decoration for their bedrooms or even a toy to play with.”

Laura Nelson from The Breastest News has chosen one of her favourite childhood activities that she has shared with her kids over the years, resulting in an activity that the whole family enjoys:

“One of our favourite summer holiday activities has to be rock pooling down at the beach. It’s great fun for all the family, you can do it in almost any weather and it’s completely free! I went rock pooling a lot with my Dad when I was little and I still love going as an adult which has now rubbed off on my son and daughter. My kids really enjoy finding and learning about all the little creatures we discover, plus we try and do a mini beach clean whilst we’re there to help the environment. Afterwards we normally go for a walk along the sand and explore. You can’t beat a bit a fresh sea air to give the kids a good night’s sleep.”

This summer’s must have accessory for kids is the magical bubble wand, but blogger, Jenny Eaves from Monkey and Mouse loves to make her own bubble mix and wands with her kids.

“We all love bubbles, they can both be calming to watch and energetic to race around popping.  You can of course buy bubbles and use a bubble machine, but that takes away half the fun! Why not create your own bubble mix? It is a great science experiment for the kids. Measuring out various ingredients is basically potion making, so little witches and wizards may be especially intrigued! By attaching eye screws to bamboo canes and tying string between two bamboo canes you can create your own wands for giant bubble making and it’s oh so worth it! The kids will love making their own giant bubbles and popping the ones you make. It’s incredibly therapeutic too (you’ll probably be pushing the kids out the way so you can play!)”

To find out how to make your own DIY bubble wand, and uncover her giant bubble recipe, head over to her blog post here.

Susan Mann from Susan K. Mann loves taking it back to basics with kite flying, arguably a favourite for many families, adults and kids alike!

“One of our favourite summer activities is kite flying. It’s simple, easy to do and a lot of fun. Once you have the kite, it’s free too. You need some wind and open space and away you go. Why not give making your own kite a go with some old shopping bags, sticks and string? Give it a go, you’ll love it.”

Although the weather has been great this year (touch wood), it’s not always the case and so planning some indoor and outdoor activities is the best way to go. Our bloggers have shared their favourite outdoor activities, now it’s over to you to tell us your favourite activities for a rainy day!

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