How To Plan The Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

How To Plan An Egg-stra Special Easter Egg Hunt


Little Girl on Easter Egg Hunt

The humble Easter egg hunt can be traced back as far as the 1400s in Europe, the egg a symbol of Christ’s resurrection from the tomb. Nowadays, an Easter Egg Hunt can be a great Easter Sunday activity for all the family to enjoy. There are lots of ways to create the perfect hunt to get the whole family involved, and in this blog article, we share some of our favourites. What are your best Easter Egg Hunt tips? Share them with us in the comments section below.

What you’ll need to plan the perfect Easter Egg Hunt:

  1. A Location

As unpredictable as the UK weather can be, it’s important to plan for all eventualities. An outdoor hunt in your back garden or local park could be a great idea to let kids burn off some energy before they devour the spoils of their hunt! But it’s always good to have an indoor fallback in case it’s raining. Where you hide your treasure will depend on the age of your children, but it’s good to keep hiding places varied to keep them interested and engaged in the hunt.

  1. Treasure!

Whether you decide to go for plastic eggs, chocolate eggs, hard boiled eggs, or something a little different (don’t worry, we’ll give you plenty of ideas!), you will need something to hide on your hunt. Decide where you’re planning to have your hunt before choosing your treasure, after all we don’t want the local wildlife getting involved if you decide to have an outdoor hunt with chocolate eggs!

  1. A Basket

Hunt participants will need somewhere to store their treasure – we love the traditional bamboo baskets but you can also find lovely Easter buckets in supermarkets and other high street shops. Just remember to consider how big your treasure is when choosing a basket. Personalising and decorating a bamboo basket is a great idea to keep kids occupied in the lead up to the hunt – a selection of colourful ribbons, fluffy Easter chicks, felt bunny rabbits and flowers will transform the basket and get your kids’ creative juices flowing.

  1. Clues

Traditionally, an Easter Egg Hunt involves a clue which leads to some treasure and another clue, which then leads to the next piece of treasure, and so on until the last piece of treasure has been found. Netmums have a fantastic selection of ready-made clues that you can download and print off, ready for your hunt.

If you’re preparing an Easter Egg Hunt for kids of different ages, it’s important that everyone gets their fair share of the treasure, and that older kids don’t rush through the hunt and leave the younger kids with no eggs in their basket. We’ve outlined some tips for creating a fair Easter Egg Hunt below –

Easter Eggs in Easter Egg Hunt in Loch Lomond 2018

For younger children, perhaps a guided hunt from the Easter Bunny himself would be a better idea, or you could attach colourful balloons to your treasure to make it a bit easier for them to find. For an Easter Bunny-led hunt, you’ll need some footprints. These can be easily made from some card and a basic paw print design (download a simple paw print here). Another way to keep younger children engaged during the hunt is involving their favourite characters

For older kids, the clues could be more challenging, or there could be an extra dimension to the hunt, for example a puzzle which needs to be solved or a final challenge. For an egg-stra special twist, why not hide a couple of bigger eggs in more difficult places to reward the best hunters, or hide a Golden Egg somewhere and the person who finds it first gets a special prize?

To allow everyone to take part in the same hunt, you could create a colour coordinated hunt without clues, where each participant just needs to search for a particular colour of egg. This will give you the opportunity to choose easier hiding places for younger children and more difficult places for older kids. Just remember to take into account the height of the children and where they would guess to look.

Have a go at creating an egg-ceptional Easter Egg Hunt for your family and let us know how you get on! Share your photos and comments on Facebook or tag us on Twitter or Instagram @cameronlodges

Happy egg-hunting!


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