Live Footage Of The Carrick’s Otters

After months of tracking the otters, we finally captured the Carrick’s otters on the wildlife camera. The camera is attached to a tree, and then triggered by any movement of wildlife, automatically taking a 10-second video. It is built with an infra-red system so it can also capture images in the dark. The video footages show three otters living up to their playful nature, most likely made up of two parents and one pup as most otters are social creatures, and the pup will live with its parents for approximately one year.

The Eurasian Otter was listed on The IUCN Red List (International Union for Conservation of Nature) as Near Threatened in 2008 due to an ongoing population decline, however in recent years there is evidence that its population is recovering in Western Europe, so we are really privileged to have them living on site. If you want to keep updated on our three furry friends look out for our future newsletters.

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